Drake Costa

Full-Stack Typescript Engineer

drake@saeris.io linkedin.com/in/saeris twitter.com/saeris github.com/saeris


Self-taught software engineer with a background in graphic design and game development. Enthusiastic about developer experience, tooling, and web accessibility. Avid photographer and competitive online gamer. Highly values learning and bringing people together.


  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • HTML + CSS
  • Nodejs
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Nextjs
  • React
  • Styled-Components
  • React-Query
  • Ariakit
  • Apollo
  • Prisma
  • Jest
  • Webpack + Babel
  • Storybook
  • GitHub Actions
  • Figma


  • Web Team Lead
    5/21 - Present
    Pop Culture Convention
    Nextjs, React, Typescript, Nodejs, Wordpress, MySQL
    • Leading technical effort to modernize FanimeCon's website and content publishing pipeline by leveraging Nextjs, Markdown and GitHub.

    • Authoring documentation targeting a non-technical audience of volunteers to perform tasks such as publishing and site maintenance.

    • Collaborating with other teams to edit, format and publish site content within strict deadlines.

  • Senior Software Engineer
    One Finance
    8/21 - 10/21
    Online Banking
    Nodejs, React, Typescript, Styled-Components, ESLint
    • Contributed to credit products UI, optimized SVG icon library, and set up an automated build and publish pipeline using GitLab CI and GitLab Package Registry.

    • Mentored junior engineers on the web front-end team in UI design patterns utilizing React and Typescript.

    • Worked with members of the design and engineering teams to improve onboarding processes, documentation, and inter-team communication.

  • Software Engineer II @ Nike
    10/20 - 7/21
    Online Retail
    Nodejs, React, Nextjs, Typescript, Babel, Rollup, ESLint, Jest, Open CLI Framework
    • Established and applied new code-quality standards using ESLint and Typescript through the creation of a shared configuration package.

    • Automated code-quality checks using Git hooks and deferred package versioning in CI.

    • Created a CLI tool providing a unified interface for dev tooling to combat dependency churn and begin to standardize how applications and libraries are built, linted, and unit tested.

    • Mentored colleagues in and migrated multiple internal core libraries to Typescript.

    • Served as a core contributor on a team responsible for shipping a new Nextjs powered micro-frontend application platform.

  • Front-End Engineer
    05/19 - 03/20
    Software Development Tools
    React, Typescript, Styled-Components, Reakit, Apollo, GraphQL
    • Responsible for front-end work on Custom Templates, enabling users to build and share their own reusable starter projects.

    • Built a 'crash handler' page, prototyped within CodeSandbox, providing users with a tool to file crash reports with pre-filled details. The dog-fooding process used to develop this feature is now used internally to quickly iterate on new UI features.

    • Established coding style guidelines and implemented them alongside a refactor of dozens of components to React Hooks / TypeScript.

  • Full-Stack Engineer
    01/17 - 05/19
    Pleasanton, CA
    Open Source Software Development
    React, Vue, Apollo, GraphQL, AWS
    • Published multiple GraphQL example applications and libraries (see projects)

  • Front-End Developer
    10/16 - 12/16
    Portland, OR
    eCommerce SaaS
    Aurelia, Redux, GraphQL
  • Developer III
    Catalyst DevWorks
    08/15 - 02/16
    Beaverton, OR
    Software Engineering Services
    JavaScript, Aurelia, Scss, Apache Velocity, Liferay
    • Responsible for front-end development of various UI components for Regence Blue-Cross and Asuris Health at Cambia Health Solutions

    • Overhauled build process and project organization, optimizing package usage (from 6+ Gb down to ~250 Mb) reducing build times in Jenkins from over 1 hour down to ~15 minutes.

    • Mentored junior engineers in the use of Aurelia, component-based architectures, CSS Flexbox, and JavaScript best-practices

  • Front-End Developer
    12/14 – 05/15
    Emeryville, CA
    Online Marketing & Advertising
    HTML, CSS, jQuery
    • Coded a prototype front-end for an IBM Watson powered search results page for CES 2015, which helped to secure a $7.5 million Series C

    • Trained a dozen co-workers from sales and management to use an internally developed content management system, enabling the company to meet a huge deadline for a contract with Walmart, equivalent to a year’s worth of normal work in a period of three months

    • Automated a set of common and repetitive tasks for the production team via a JavaScript browser extension, saving hours of work daily



  • Las Positas Community College
    AA - Visual Communications
    May 2010
    Livermore, CA